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Glock VIP is the home for the best quality Glock Handguns. If you have been looking for the best quality Glock Handguns at affordable prices then you have come to the right place. You can just make an order for your favorite glock handgun and have it shipped to an FFL dealer in your area.

Get the gun of your preference delivered for you exactly the way you desire because we customize and install parts for you for free.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gun for conceal carry, or you prefer something bigger and more powerful, we have it available here. It does not matter whether you are looking for guns for self-defense, competition, home security, backup weapon, or as law enforcement personnel, we have it here for you.

Let’s have a look at the category and features of a few glock handguns:
Glock 17

If you want to opt for Glock 17 then here is what you should know about it:
Glock 17 9mm is one of the best-selling handguns to civilians in the USA because of all the convenience it provides. It is highly reliable for any kind of user. Security professionals and law enforcement officers all around the world put their trust in Glock 17 9mm. Its low weight with above-average magazine capacity makes it super awesome.

Glock 19

Then there come Glock 19 handguns. The FBI and police prefer Glock 19 9mm for so many reasons. Its accuracy and reliability are undeniable. Glock 19 9mm is a gun that you can simply trust with your life because you can go through anything with it without ever making a complaint. It comes with a 5.5 trigger pull for your convenience. The trigger safety design of Glock 19 9mm simple yet highly effective.

Glock 20

Let’s get to know a little about Glock 20. Glock 20 10mm has a short frame or SF. It is for the convenience of the shooters who have short hands. It offers increased control and comfort with a reduced circumference of the receiver at the rear. Hi-tech polymer and recoil damping in Glock 20 10mm reduces recoil considerably. Its 750-joule muzzle with 15 rounds 10mm magazines including heavy firepower simply makes it reliable for every situation. It is a trusted gun for law enforcement people and security professionals for every hunt.

Glock 22

To close the gap between heavy .45 rounds and 9mm service calibers the .40 caliber came in. This balanced caliber advantage was first taken in the Glock handgun world. This makes it a perfect weapon for law enforcement and as a result, it is widely used. Countless police officers in the United States are using Glock 22 .40S&W right now.

Glock 26

Glock 26 9mm is the smallest Glock pistol out there. This model was specially designed for concealed carry. As Glock 26 9mm comes in small size and perfect for concealed carry. It is widely used for emergencies and backup weapons among the secret services and security personnel. Glock 16 segment was first introduced on 26th August 1994. Since then it has been used widely because of its small size.



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Glock 34

Glock 34 comes with an extended barrel. Both extended barrel and extended line of sight provide more accuracy for Glock 34 9mm Glock handgun model. Even in rapid firing, this gun can maintain an accurate hit pattern. Tactical and practical shooting communities have been always counting on Glock 34 9mm because of these amazing features. These characteristics make this pistol highly reliable and relatable to others, such as the taurus g3c and some firearms from the 22 pistol category. Many law enforcement officers put their trust in Glock 34 9mm every day while being out there on duty because of its unsurpassed reliability. Its standard magazines can hold 17 cartridges which are above average capacity for the magazine. Still, it has low weight. The safe trigger system of Glock 34 9mm makes it easier and more comfortable to use. Its design is proven effective for both competition and tactical shooting.

Glock 43

GLOCK 43 – 9MM is a GEN4 Glock handgun. As a result, it comes with all the cool features and characteristics of GEN4 Glock handguns. So, if you are someone who prefers GEN4 then this might be one you can opt for. Let’s find out more about GLOCK 43 – 9MM Glock handgun.

It comes with 9mm caliber and six-round magazines. It is perfect for conceal carry because it is a subcompact pistol. It was first introduced in 2015 and since then it has been popular among law enforcement as a backup gun due to its small size. Conceal carry guns are perfect for an off-duty and backup gun. And this is a reliable weapon for many people out there.

It is a slimline and single-stack handgun. It can withstand daily training and it is perfect for both civilians and law enforcement personnel because of its size, performance, and reliability.

Glock 19X

After releasing the 19X, the Glock 45 is the second Glock handgun that comes in the crossover style for perfection.

It has the design of 19X and some Gen 5 features like the forward slide serration. It is built with the look for perfection. Its nPVD finish prevents corrosion by making it resistant to harmful chemicals and elements. It also comes with a Glock Marksman barrel because of having Gen5 characteristics. Marksman barrel simply provides Glock 45 9mm more accuracy and consistency.



These are some of the guns you can try out along with a lot of options. Let’s see a few things about different features and accessories that you can try with your gun.
Front Serration

Front serration or FS is the surface style in a gun that offers traction positive traction while manipulating the slide before and after firing. It is specially designed for a fast press check. Sometimes the hands of the shooter may be wet or sweaty. As a result, the shooter may find discomfort in manipulating the slide properly. Therefore FS or front serration is the best solution.


GEN 5 is a new generation of Glock Handguns. It has all the features that GEN5 handguns have. If you have been looking for an awesome GEN5 Glock Handgun for you then you have come to the right place The DLC of GEN 5 gives your gun a tougher and more durable finishing for both the slide and the barrel. The new barrel “Marksman” simply offers more accuracy. Without finger grooves, you can place your fingers whatever the way you want comfortably. And the ambidextrous slide stop lever makes it easier to use for both the left-handed and the right-handed users.

Modular Optic System

The popularity of the modular optic system is increasing rapidly among Glock handguns users. Because it is easy to mount optic sights on Glock pistols using MOS or modular optic system. MOS is very popular among the participants in competitive shooting. It is also a great option for house defense. Target practices are also more accurate, fun, and enjoyable with the MOS system.

We have these features like MOS, GEN5 guns, FS system and many more other accessories and features available in our stock. You can simply make an order without any hassle and we will have it delivered with customized accessories and features of your choice by installing them without any installation charge.

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We are dedicated to offering 100% authentic Glock handguns at an affordable price and this is why we have a good reputation in the market. And we are making sure to hold this reputation by continuing to serve our customers with the best quality stuff.

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