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Glocks are made to be upgraded, and there’s a huge aftermarket for accessories and parts.

When it comes to customizing Glock handguns, there is such a massive aftermarket that it’s actually possible to build a “Glock” pistol without using any actual Glock parts. This includes parts, and a whole lot of accessories.

Whether your Glock pistol is a full size version like the Glock 17 and Glock 22 sized models, a more compact Glock 19 or Glock 23, or even the newer Glock 43 X (either a Gen 4 or a Gen 5), there are a whole lot of add-ons and enhancements to choose from.

Reminder for Accessorizing All Glock Models

It should be noted that Glock, along with other gun manufacturers, do not recommend customizing their handguns, and many self defense experts say the same. They acknowledge that, other than ensuring the gun is safe to use, accessorizing doesn’t matter much for competition guns or range toys. But when it comes to self defense, the reasoning against customization and extensive accessorizing is simple: the factory stock G19 from Glock has been exhaustively tested over many years in many conditions with the specific components included.

The moment someone changes out the trigger or the slide to one not made by Glock, a component from another company with its own standards and own testing criteria has been introduced, and essentially a new, untested firearm has been created.

Relying on it to protect your life is no longer recommended by experts, unless it has been extensively tested in its new configuration.

With that in mind, it’s still fun and advantageous to add accessories to a Glock when they’re needed. Check out these recommendations.

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